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What is Coaching?

And Is It for YOU?

Coaching is simply, partnering with one another in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you (the client) to realize your full potential.  A certified coach honors the client as the expert in his or her life and serves as a guide to discover, clarify, and align what the client wants to achieve.  Coaches accomplish this by encouraging self-discovery and solutions and is able to hold the client responsible and accountable in achieving their own goals. 

This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

Why Work with a Retirement Coach?

Even though many of us still associate retirement planning with purely financial or estate planning; a Retirement Coach leaves that to the experts in the financial planning field.  And while, your financial picture is important, we know that finances alone won’t automatically allow for a good retirement.  

Retirement Coaching helps you with what you really want; a healthy, happy, vibrant and meaningful lifestyle.  Through working with a coach, you will gain the knowledge needed to reach your personal retirement goals.
Easy Online Assessment
$79 Per Assessment

You will take one or both of these online assessments: 

​​Retirement Success Profile (RSP): 
Measures your areas of strength and areas for development across 15 retirement success factors.  Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a personalized report that identifies the areas that will serve you well in retirement and those that you want to focus on for development.  The results of this assessment can be the foundation from which a comprehensive and fulfilling retirement plan can be created. 

Life Options Profile (LOP):  
​Provides the foundation for creating a meaningful retirement plan.  Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a personalized report, which identifies your level of preparedness for retirement.  The Life Options Profile assesses retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle dimensions in six life arenas; Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.  It is an effective assessment for use in corporate and group workshop settings, and equally appropriate for individual coaching.
Assessment, Complimentary Book w/Debrief
$229 Per Assessment & Debrief

In addition to a personalized report from your assessment, you will receive:

  • Retirement Success Profile (RSP): 
    Dr. Richard P. Johnson's inspiring book, The New Retirement, which offers an empowering approach to each of the 15 retirement success factors.

  • Life Options Profile (LOP): 
    The accompanying book, What Color is Your Retirement?, that explores exciting possibilities in each of the 6 life arenas.

  • One on One Debriefing:  
    ​A 45-minute phone conversation where you and I will take a deep dive into your assessments and uncover even more insights.
Individual Coaching Program
Let's Talk!

A two-month program for the retiring professional, includes:

  • The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) or the Life Options Profile (LOP)

  • A personalized report from your assessment

  • Accompanying book from the assessment(s), “The New Retirement” or “What Color is Your Retirement?”

  • Four 45-minute coaching sessions (via telephone) to discuss your assessment results and create a Retirement Success Plan
Three Ways to Get Started on ​Your
Retirement Planning
  EXPLORE:   Assessment Only (Either RSP or LOP)
      EXPERIENCE:  Assessment, PLUS 45 minute debrief with Lori
          EMBRACE:  Individual Coaching Program

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